Zero Down • 100% Financing • No Payments for six months

Save 1000s of dollars with in-house financing! United Built Homes is the ONLY on-your-site builder in the area that provides real financing that is in-house. Which means you will be in the new, custom built house without investing a cent in up-front closing expenses.

Some loan providers charge up to $10,000 in up-front closing expenses for a $150,000 house:

You will find often no out-of-pocket expenses when you finance with United Built Homes. You are practically home free!

This chart is for instance only; real numbers will be different advance america cash advance according to loan quantity as well as other facets.

United Built Homes typically doesn’t charge origination charges. For clients needing a land payoff, an origination cost might be included on the United Built loan.

The most truly effective Four Methods For Good Credit

1. Maintain a wholesome Credit Score

Spend your bills on time, lessen your financial obligation balances, and then make sure your credit history is error-free.

Worried about your credit? At United Built Homes, we you will need to make house ownership a real possibility for you. Each customer’s funding situation is myself examined by our finance team. Because we don’t use automated underwriting techniques, we could start thinking about extra factors to aid discover a way to invest in the new home.

2. Keep A minimal Debt-to-Income Ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio is the amount that is total of when compared with your revenue. Look at your debt-to-income ratio now. The reduced the ratio, the higher. Car and truck loans, student education loans, and bank card balances may be huge contributors to the debt load. Make an effort to lower balances and give a wide berth to making big acquisitions, such as for example a car that is new prior to you attempt to finance your new home.

3. Use Your Premises for the best

If you have property and its particular value has grown as you purchased, you have accumulated equity. You might manage to make use of your home as collateral, and now have no deposit on the brand new home.

Do not obtain your premises free and clear? It’s not necessary to obtain your home free and clear in order to create a true house with United Built Homes. Contact the local product product sales workplace to learn more about funding options that could enable you to fund both your home that is new and quantity you owe on your own property.

4. Be Realistic About How Exactly Much You Really Can Afford

Somebody who could have trouble financing that is getting a higher priced household might not have any difficulty getting authorized for example this is certainly less costly. Phone your neighborhood United Built workplace to talk about your preferences by having a sales associate. We’ll help the United is found by you Built house which will best fit your requirements as well as your spending plan.

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