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How To Grow On Twitch: 10 Tips And Tricks To Go Full-Time!

How To Grow On Twitch: 10 Tips And Tricks To Go Full-Time!

How To Grow On Twitch Fast 2020

How To Grow On Twitch Over two and a half years ago. I started streaming on Twitch as a part-time Hobby and since then it’s grown to the place. Where now I stream on Twitch full time and I get asked all the time.

What do I need to do to grow my twitch Channel? How do I get more viewers? How do I get more followers?

Well in today’s video I’m going to be covering the tin tips and tricks that I’ve learned the last two and a half years that help grow your Twitch Channel and things that you can do right now to start growing your community on Twitch.

Before we get started. I want to let you guys know I do stream on Twitch live every Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So swing by twitch.tv slash Eagle Garrett say what’s up? If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the chat. I’ll be more than happy to answer anything that I can. All right guys.

First tip on How To Grow On Twitch

The zero viewer mistake

So the first tip on how to Grow On Twitch…. I want to give you what I call the zero viewer mistake and this is the this is a mistake. I do not want you guys to make if you go into any game in the browse section of twitch. And let’s just go. Let’s go into a game. Like let’s go into Zelda right here, right? We’re gonna go into Zelda Ocarina of Time if you’ll look with me if we scroll all the way down to the very bottom, you’ll notice there are people streaming down here with zero viewers.

This is not necessary.

You never ever have to stream the 0 viewers and the reason why is because you can simply have somebody in your house somebody that you live with or a family member or friend somewhere create a Twitch account. And any time you go live just have your Twitch channel pulled up. That’s all you have to do and then you’ll be you’ll be out of that zero-viewer category up into the one viewer category. This automatically bumps you higher up into those brows sections of you know games within twitch, but it also gives you you know a little bit of it’s almost like a little bit of credibility. It’s like, oh this guy’s got a viewer. I’m going to go and pop in I’ll be a second viewer and see what’s going on. Right and so don’t ever stream for zero viewers. It’s absolutely unnecessary and it’s a huge mistake people make it’s very easy to have somebody created Twitch account or even even you create a Count for one of your family members to just say hey, I created you a Twitch account. And anytime I go live on the I’m gonna pull it up for you. If you want to check it out jump in but they will then be lurking in your channel and just you know watching your stream. If you can get a couple of family members and a couple of friends to all lurk in your stream anytime you go live. It’ll bump you even higher up on the list but there’s no reason you have to stream for zero viewers.

2nd tip: Saturation

Okay, the second tip on How To Grow On Twitch is that I want to give you guys and this is a big one is less saturated games and what I mean by that is if you go over here to twitches and browse section and you look at the games that they have under the browse section.

You’ll notice that the top games are things like Fortnight Apex Legends, you know Grand Theft Auto V even just chatting is up here at the very very top but usually these first couple of rows of games are over saturated not until you get to like the third row. Do you start to get into less saturated games and simply pull it a less saturated game is just a game that has less people streaming that game.

So Instance if you were to come down here and let’s say go to a game like rocket League, which is one of my personal favorite games you go to Rocket league and you’ll notice that you can scroll down and get to the very very bottom of the rocket League Community Q fairly quickly fairly quickly.

Okay. Well I said fairly quickly. It actually took a second but you’ll notice that it took me a lot less time to get down to the bottom of this game and look at how many people are stream of zero viewers.

By the way, this is so unnecessary man that everybody here could be having at least one viewer if they just had a family member or friend jump in and look for him.

But that’s last last tip that we just gave the point is pick a game that’s less saturated even a game like rocket League All you have to have is one viewer and look at this. There’s a huge list of people with one viewer if you have two viewers you jump in even higher on the list.

You have three viewers you jump even higher than that. And in the more viewers, you have the quicker you jump up to the top, but if you were to let’s say let’s say you were to have you know, you got up to the place Where you got 10 viewers. It would not take people very long to scroll down from the very top. This is the top of the rocket League game. It would not take them very long to scroll down and see tin viewer streams. Right?

So with that being said, you want to pick games that are less saturated guys. There’s no reason to only stream like Fortnight when It has a hundred and eighty-one thousand people watching it and thousands of people streaming it. There’s no reason to try to grow in a category like Fortnight.

Now, you can still play Fortnight, but make sure you’re rotating in these games that have a lot less people streaming them and you know, they might have smaller viewer base, but the fact that you are higher up on the list and doesn’t take people very long to scroll down and find you means that they’re going to find your stream and be more likely to click on it and come into your channel and check out what you’ve got going on.

3rd tip on how to grow on twitch: Social Media

Okay tip number three guys of How To Grow On Twitch is simply put social media outside of twitch you want to make sure that you have social media platforms outside of twitch that you’re using to communicate with your audience, but also to allow yourself to be more discoverable on platforms that have better search functionality twitch the way that it works is that everybody who’s got more viewers and in more, you know Community built up are at the top of the list because people that have more viewers automatically go to the very top top everybody who has less viewers goes to the bottom which makes it very very hard to get started on Twitch right now.

But if you go and you join platforms like Twitter Instagram YouTube Facebook, if you start accounts on there specifically set up for your Twitch stream, then you can start building your community on those platforms as well and also lead people from those platforms back to your Twitch channel. So a big a big one and one that’s super popular for twitch streamers is Twitter people.

Love Twitter when it comes to when it comes to gaming and the twitch Community a lot of twitch streamers are on Twitter. So Twitter is my number one recommendation because it’s much easier to communicate with other twitch streamers, you know produce quick content that you can post quick little opinions little updates about your stream letting people know, you know, if you’re going to be late to the stream or things like that and Twitter just makes it so much easier because then you after building up a little base following here on Twitter can start posting, you know when you’re going live and people We’ll come over to your Twitch channel from your Twitter account. I would also suggest an Instagram account set up an Instagram account start posting things, you know that relate to your life. But also maybe some little clips from your stream things like that because you’ll wind up building up, you know a little bit of a follower base here and even if you took a couple people come over from your Instagram account to check out your Twitch Channel, which you can put your link in the description, then there you go. You got a couple more viewers potentially same thing with Facebook set up a Facebook page. So you want to make sure that You have yourself social media presence in other places than twitch because that will help Drive traffic back to your Twitch Channel and especially if you’re staying active on those you might start growing on one of those platforms which will give you kind of a little bit of a boost as to what you can what you can let people know about when it comes to your Twitch stream. Okay?

4th tip: Live posts

So tip number four on How To Grow On Twitch: actually has to do with social media and that is posting when you go live. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t let people know that you’re going live. So go to your Twitter account go in there create a post say hey, what’s up, bro? I’m live on Twitch right now twitch.tv slash and your username and you’ll be good to go people that follow you on Twitter or may see that tweet maybe gets retweeted a couple times might come over and check out your Twitch account. It’s just another way to help people know that you’re streaming help them know what you’re doing when you’re doing it and potentially another source of traffic to your Twitch Channel. There are other ways to do this for instance if you go into Word. There’s you can become members of other people’s Discord communities. And if you don’t know what Discord is, you know, look it up on Google or look it up on YouTube. You’ll find out but Discord is a way that people can have communities outside of their twitch Channel and it’s a message board, you know, there’s voice chat in there, but their art which communities like mine where you can go into our twitch community and you can actually post when you’re going live you can share a link to your Twitch Channel.

It’ll show over on the side bar that your live to the rest of our community.

So for instance, Take a look at our Discord Community. We’ve got a place right over here. It’s called literally promote your Twitch and you go in here and all of these people that have joined our Discord Community every time they go live it posts in here a link to their Channel letting everybody know their live, but in addition to that over to the right side, it also shows who’s currently streaming. I have it set up to where it will specify people in our Discord channel that are currently streaming so you can find other Discord channels to be a part of that do this. You can also come join our Discord if you’d like to wear the flock on Discord, they’ll be a In the description for for this and all my other Social Media stuff, but join our Discord, you can come over here and promote yourself in this section. Now, you can’t promote yourself. We have rules. You can promote yourself under different sections. But if you do it here, you can promote your Twitch Channel and there’s a place to promote your YouTube channel share your videos and these are ways that you can help get the word out there that you were also streaming live on Twitch. So take advantage to that join some different communities on Discord of twitch streamers that you admire twitch streamers that you’re part of their communities.

:5th tip on How To Grow On Twitch Branding

Already and see if they have options to help get the word out there that you also are a streamer the fifth thing. I want to talk about guys is brand consistency and this is tip no. 5 of How To Grow On Twitch.

And this is a big one because a lot of people don’t think about being consistent through all their social media platforms. But what you want to do is you want to look as professional as possible and you want people to recognize you no matter what platform they’re on so if they’ve seen you on Twitter you want them to recognize you also on Twitch and what does that look like? Well that looks like this right here if you come into My twitch Channel, you’ll notice that my profile picture is this little red red logo with the eagle in the middle, right? And that’s that’s a, you know, a takeoff of my actual legal Garrett logo, but then also like you’ll notice my banner on Twitch has a specific look to it. Well, if you go over to my YouTube channel same Banner same profile picture Twitter same Banner same profile picture you want this on all of your accounts because what that will do even on my Discord I have the exact same picture right here, you’ll see Next to my name it’s it’s literally the same profile picture. This will allow people to recognize you to recognize what you’re doing to recognize who you are through any social media platform.

And if you change your profile picture in one place, you need to kind of think about changing it in the other places. Now it is okay if you want to put like a, you know a picture of your face, you know or something on Twitter and then you want to have your logo on Twitch. That’s okay to do but I found it to be more effective if you keep everything consistent.

Because then people know they have the right you at the right time any time. They see you on Twitter. They know hey, that’s the guy from twitch and you have they see you on Twitch. Hey, that’s the guy from Twitter. Right?

They’re going to recognize it. So brand consistency is massive and make sure that your graphics the colors the logos the everything that you have set up our consistent among each thing. And this also has to do with user names try to have the same user name on every platform and if if you like have a user name on Twitch that’s not available on Twitter.

Add some kind of handle to it like, you know sniper bro TV, you know and make sniper bro TV your name and then put that on all of your social media and then you may just be sniper bro on Twitch, but the reality is that people will recognize okay his social media.

He sniper boat TV, you know what I mean or sniper bro live, that’s the kind of stuff that you want to have that that helps, you know, just be consistent across all of your social media platforms.

:6th tip on How To Grow On Twitch Networking

Alright tip number on How To Grow On Twitch is actually networking and joy. Eating other communities now you hear the word networking all of the time but now working is simply put getting involved on Twitch. In other people’s streams and getting to know other streamers and other gamers through the communities that are already on Twitch. So, network isn’t is not going into somebody else’s stream in self-promoting yourself in their chat. That does not work do not do that. That’s a big No-No. It’s super super tacky and nobody likes self-promoters.

It just doesn’t work. Well you’ll instantly make a bunch of enemies rather than a bunch of friends instead work on building up a rapport with other communities find some other twitch streams that are maybe medium size or a little bit smaller but are bigger than you are and and really get involved find people that you like that you really honestly love to watch the stream. You love to be a part of the community and just genuinely become a part of those communities what will happen is you’ll start to build friendships and relationships with that streamer and other people in their in their stream and Ali have some of those people come visit your stream. Let me also say this don’t just join a community to try to get people to come follow your Channel or come check out your channel join communities, you genuinely like and want to be a part of tip number six networking actually leads me to tip number 7 which is

7th tip: Raids and hosts

 How To Grow On Twitch. Tip no. 7

Raids in hosts are the other way people will know that you’re a streamer without directly self-promoting your stream and what I mean by that is you can go on to Twitch and you can type in you know /re Aid and then a space and type in the name of another stream and you will actually take all of your viewers over to that stream and you can go over there you can start you know, hype it up and there and saying what’s up and drop in follows. It’s a way to help support your fellow streamers and for you guys to kind of grow together and it’s also the correct way to let people know you’re a streamer because if you’re involved in a stream in a community and one day you show up and you read that Community the streamer may be like, oh wow, dude. I didn’t realize you you You streamed as well. Let’s check it out and now because you’ve shown support to him and you’ve come and brought your your community over to that streamer as well. Now, they’re going to be way more likely to say. Hey, we want to check out we want to check out your straight, you know, just to help support you back but you’ve been invested.

First of all don’t make it a thing where you’re only looking to get followers understand that you’re looking to go support other people and build friendships.

8th tip: Uniqueness

But in return they’re very likely to want to do the same thing back with you tip number eight is one that Will kind of develop over time in your stream, but that tip is unique aspects to your stream and what I mean by this is finding things that make your stream unique against every other stream out that there’s thousands of streams. But what makes your stream stand out maybe you have a certain catch phrase that you say that nobody else says maybe you do a certain kind of little dance when somebody comes and follows, maybe you have other things set up, you know things in the background like we’ve got a bunch of guitars back here, right? I’m a guitar player. I’ve got a bunch of guitars. Is sitting right behind me you want to have something that’s unique to your stream. You want to have something that stands out that people will remember you for and therefore will be able to kind of reference back to and keep in their mind keeping their brain and it gives them that little extra thing that says like I yeah, I got to go back to the stream. You know, it’s a lot of fun hanging out there. This is the guy that always, you know says this catchphrase and I say it now, you know what I mean? You want to have something different something unique to your strength? All right tip number. Nine is one that you probably should have already figured out before you went through all these other tips, but I’m going to put it in there anyway, because I’ve noticed that there are a lot of streamers especially that start out on Twitch that don’t pay attention to this and and tip number nine is

9th tip: Stream quality

There’s a lot of streamers that stream on Twitch without ever fully figuring out their stream quality. So they’ve got you know lag they’ve got buffering and it’s not because they’ve got internet issues. It’s because they haven’t set up their OBS correctly.

And so, there’s a lot of videos out on setting up OBS. I’ll probably come out with one at some point in the future to help you guys with this as well. But what you need to do is make sure you test your stream, you know, make a Twitch account. That’s totally separate totally random that nobody else knows about and start streaming to that Twitch account and view yourself and see like what it looks like if you’re a stream is choppy and it’s laggy and you know, your audio is cutting in and out and things like that. You’ve got some things you need to have fix and adjust on your stream to make it look good. Good, even if you don’t have the highest quality 1080 p 60 frames a second stream if you’re rocking 30 frames a second at a solid 720 with a lower bit rate, but your stream looks good, and it’s enjoyable to watch then people will stick around for that. But if you’re streaming at 1080 p 60 frames a second and your stream is cutting out every five seconds or it’s stopping and glitching nobody’s going to want to stick around and watch that because it’s just hard to sit through that and watch it’s hard to be invested in that. So you want to make sure that your stream Quality is good, which will then in turn when people come into your stream cause people to want to stick around and stay you won’t be giving them an immediate reason to leave. So make sure you’ve got good stream quality and I’m not talking about the top quality. I’m talking about making sure your stream is smooth and enjoyable to watch even at lower resolutions if that makes sense.

10th tip: Stream Schedule

So tip number 10 is absolutely probably one of the biggest tips and one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of new streamers make and that’s Having a streaming schedule a streaming schedule is super important for being able to grow on Twitch. And the reason why is because people don’t know when to come find you if they don’t know when you’re going to be live.

And so if you go like if for instance if we go to my twitch Channel, you’ll notice that I’ve got a couple different things in here. I’ve got a countdown through stream Elements which literally shows how long until my next stream, right? It shows the days that I stream the times that I stream and it shows this countdown to when I go live, but then also you’ll notice I have a whole Separate schedule section right here and this schedule section shows all the times that I stream in a very simple text format. So if you’re on mobile and you can’t see this for some reason then you can come down here and you’ll see it right here. The reality is is that if you have a stream schedule people know when to come back to your stream, they know when to come back and check out your content when to come hang out with you. So you do not want to stream random times, especially when you’re trying to grow you want to stick to a schedule and if you can only stream twice a week at a certain time, that’s your Schedule you put it in there. And then you say other days, you know, maybe a stream maybe a stream maybe a stream. But if you got two times that you’re definitely streaming boom you say I will be live on Monday and Thursday at this time or Tuesday and Wednesday or whatever it is you put in your exact schedule times and stick to those because that’s going to be the single biggest reason you’re able to grow on Twitch because you’re always live at a specific time.

So guys schedule is crucially important.

Do not skip over it. Make sure you start a stream schedule no matter what your stream schedule is. Just make sure it’s consistent.

Bonus tip

Okay, guys, we got a Bonus tip in the bonus tip on How To Grow On Twitch for this video is special events and giveaway streams and what I mean by this is, you know, do some giveaways on your channel do some special streams, you know do a celebration when you hit when you hit 20 followers do a little celebration stream when you hit 50 when you hit a hundred, you know different things they’re having do special little streams and you can play a different game or maybe you play. With all of your viewers specifically maybe you do a giveaway for some Amazon gift cards or you know, you give away some Fortnight skins or whatever it is, but figure out something you can do for special; you know unique streams.

Now the one mistake that some people make is that they try to do a bunch of giveaway streams because every time you do a giveaway stream, you’ll notice an increase in viewership because whenever you put giveaway in the title of that stream more people come in because they want to see if the giveaway is they like free stuff. We all like free stuff. But you don’t want to grow your community on doing giveaways. If you just grow your community on giveaways what will happen is the people will come for the giveaways. But anytime you stream without a giveaway. They won’t be there. So don’t just do giveaway streams to try to grow you want to do giveaway streams as an award or a reward for your stream for the the support that they’ve been dropping on the stream for the the follower goals that you have for things that you have in your stream that you’re meeting.

You want to give back to the community in some way. That’s through.

Giveaways and through the celebrations you want to build a strong community that actually values you and your community for who you are and not for what you’re giving away for free.

But at the same time have that reward in place so that you can have fun and you can enjoy celebrating certain goals your meeting in your community now Guys, these have been my 10 tips and tricks for growing on Twitch.

I want to close with this though and tell you there’s no easy way to grow on Twitch it all. Takes a lot of work and a lot of patience.

So even though you’re doing all of these things don’t think that you’re gonna start doing all these things in a couple of weeks. You’re going to have 500 followers or a thousand followers. Whatever your next goal is it takes time. I’ve been streaming for over two and a half years and and it’s taken a long time. I’ve said I’ve streamed less saturated games.

I’ve made sure I posted constantly on on social media and done all these things. The reality is guys is you have to be in it for the long haul if you’re in this for a quick growth Kind of scheme that just does not work and that’s not reality. If anybody tells you you can grow from zero to a thousand followers on Twitch super easy.

It’s not it’s not true.

Sometimes it happens if people everything just works the right way or somebody’s doing something crazy unique, but the reality is is that for the majority of streamers.

It takes a long time and it takes patience and even the people at the very very top like ninja he’s been streaming for like seven or eight years at this point in 19 and that’s a long time. He’s invested a lot of work into his stream. And so you guys make sure that you have the mentality that you’re going to do the exact same thing you’re going to invest the time you’re going to be patient and most importantly enjoy the process. All right streaming is a process streaming. It takes a long time you guys but don’t give up and most importantly enjoy your time because if you enjoy your time, it’s going to make all the work and it’s going to make the long hours and it’s going to make the slower growth at the beginning. To make all of that worth it because you enjoy what you’re doing. And whether you have one viewer or you have 1,000 viewers. The reality is is that you’re enjoying the process you’re enjoying what you’re doing and perfecting your craft as a twitch streamer and don’t miss out on what building a community is really all about. But that all being said you guys I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. My name is Eagle Garrett again. I stream live Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Twitch at twitch.tv slash legal Garrett links for all of this. Duff will be in the description.

Make sure you hit that Thumbs Up Button. If you liked this video subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notifications and guys leave me a comment. Let me know what other videos you like me to see or if you would like me to go it more in depth about each one of these things and talk about them a little bit more detailed. Let me know. Let me know what you’re looking for for information about twitch, and I’d be more than happy to make some videos on that.

So guys with that being said have a wonderful day rock on peace out. God bless. I’ll see you in the next video last but not least.

Got him got him.

So, this is the end of our article on how to grow on Twitch with the best tips you can ever had.

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